Why WebRankStats?

WebRank is a free service for webmasters, SEO and internet surfers. This service offers single click access to all your web analytics as well as in-site analysis. We provide you live statistics like Google Pagerank, Alexa, Compete & Quantcast Rank, Pages Indexed and Backlinks in Google, Bing & Alexa of any website. We also have a WHOIS search in place as well as an option to compare websites to see how they stack up against each other. You can also analyze Header Information, Server Location and DNS alongwith traffic graphs. We also maintain DiffStats, which gives a look into how your stats were when compared to the last time you updated them, a measure to check how secure your website is in terms of WOT and McAfee SiteAdvisor as well as a Sociometer which shows your social reach in terms of tweets, likes and other parameters. Easy to use features helps you analyze your business in no time.

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